Recaro Vivo High Back Booster Car Seat, Midnight Desert Micofiber

Recaro Vivo High Back Booster Car Seat


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Product Description

Recaro Vivo High Back Booster Car Seat Description

The RECARO Vivo is an easily adjusted booster car seat of the highest quality. The Vivo is reinforced with aluminum for extra durability, has 3 recline positions for comfort, and comes with deep padded side wings in the headrest and seat areas for safety. RECARO made the Vivo booster as comfortable and easy to manage as possible, adding two-piece folding mechanics for easy handling and transportation.

  • Secures a toddler from 30-100 lbs
  • Max height is 59″


RECARO’s Vivo booster is a safe and easy to manage car seat with convenience features that any parent can appreciate. Light and adjustable, the Vivo is a versatile booster that protects your toddler and gives them a great place to relax on long or short rides in the car.


The Vivo’s one-handed headrest adjustment allows you to set the headrest to the perfect height easily. Weighing only 11 lbs and folding into two pieces, the Vivo is light and easy to store or transfer from car to car. In addition, this RECARO booster car seat features a soft microfiber cover material that is removable and machine washable.


The Vivo is a booster seat that installs with your vehicles safety belts. It is equipped with a unique belt loop guide in the headrest that keeps the safety belt in the proper position with every installation.


Equipped with RECARO Side Impact Protection and a unique positioning system for your vehicle’s seatbelts, the RECARO Vivo car seat is a safe and comfortable booster that protects your child from every angle and installs easily.


Thanks to its padding, deep side wings, ventilation system, and adjustability the Vivo may be the most comfortable booster car seat made by the world-renowned seat designers at RECARO. Equipped with a three position reclining seat and deep wings around the adjustable headrest, the Vivo booster is a sleep-friendly car seat that even bigger kids will be comfortable riding in.


The RECARO Vivo is lined with impact absorbing EPS foam, and the seat is reinforced with aluminum for extra durability. RECARO’s Side Impact Protection system provides some of best protection imaginable in the event of a side collision.


Compared to the RECARO Start booster car seat, the Vivo and Vivo has a higher weight capacity (100 lbs vs. the Start’s 80 lbs). However, the Start has a full range of adjustment settings that tailor the seat to the child. The Start also weighs 14 lbs. more than the Vivo and has a number of distinct features like a top tether, anti-submarining ramp, and a RECARO sound system.

Recaro Vivo High Back Booster Car Seat Details

  • Innovative and easy-to-clean Microfiber cover
  • Suitable for children who weigh between 30-pounds to 100-pounds
  • Forward-facing installation only
  • Highly visible red markings show the belt routing locations and help to guide the seat belt into the right position
  • One hand headrest adjustment


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